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We are a well-coordinated team and always ready for new challenges.

Thanks to our employees' many years of experience in the mobility industry and our in-house development and production, we are fully prepared for your project.

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  • Study of industrial engineering at the Aschaffenburg
  • Product Manager for Electric Drive Systems and Mobile Power Supply and their Charging Technology
  • Project manager for the development of mobile energy storage systems for single-track electromobility
  • Head of Department Development Mobile Energy Storage Systems for Single-Track Electromobility
  • Managing Director Akku Vision GmbH and TAV Battery GmbH
  • Training as a wholesale and foreign trade clerk at a sanitary wholesale company
  • Assistant to the management of a construction company
  • Further training as a master craftsman and instructor qualification
  • Entry into Akku Vision internal sales, accounting and human resources
  • Graduated from Tietgen Business School Odense with a B.Sc. in Business Administration.
  • Graduated from Niels Brock Business College with a B.Sc. In Marketing
  • Has more than 25 years of sales experience in the international bicycle industry and eMobility. Mr. Kim Madsen has worked for notable companies such as Shimano and Accell Group.
  • Appointed Chief Sales Officer/Chief Marketing Officer at Akku Vision GmbH in May 2020.
  • Training in Heilbronn (communication electronics technician)
  • Further training as a state-certified electrical engineering technician in Karlsruhe (Bachelor Professional)
  • Studied business administration at the VWA Baden (Betriebswirt VWA)
  • Studied business management at the Avans+ University of Applied Sciences in Breda (Bachelor of Business Administration).
  • Authorised signatory at a service provider in the field of battery technology and cable assembly (9 years)
  • Managing partner with focus on development at a manufacturer of battery systems (6 years)
  • Sale of own company to a listed company and integration of the latter as Technical Manager (20 months)
  • Chief Technical Officer at Akku Vision GmbH (since May 2020)
  • Apprenticeship as a communications electronics technician in a medium-sized company in Ingolstadt.
  • Worked for almost 9 years in Ingolstadt as head of the test field and in the development of hardware electronics for electronic controls such as frequency converters for three-phase motors and controls for LED and IR headlights.
  • Moved to Aschaffenburg as project manager for the development of mobile energy storage systems for LEVs in electromobility (5.5 years).
  • Focus and development in project management and leadership
  • Participation in part-time distance learning in industrial engineering
  • Head of department in the area of project and product management for the development of drive systems and energy storage systems for LEVs in electromobility (almost 3.5 years)
  • Since January 2021 Chief Operating Officer at TAV Battery GmbH (subsidiary and production company of Akku Vision GmbH and Triathlon Holding GmbH)
  • Apprenticeship as a technical product designer
  • Studies in industrial engineering (B. Eng.) at TH Aschaffenburg (ongoing)
  • Head of Mechanical Engineering at Akku Vision GmbH
  • Chief Product Officer at Akku Vision GmbH