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Italian E-Bike drive unit maker OLI partners with Akku Vision

"With the goal of expanding their strategic approach to the current industry’s supply chain complexities, Akku Vision and OLI Ebike Systems partner-up to offer complete drive systems compatible with the most diffused frames.

The bicycle industry, as many other production fi elds, is living a profound evolution since two years. We are observing a tremendous interest by bicycle brands to increase proximity with their suppliers. The goal is to ensure a reliable supply chain, have a closer relationship with product development and add fl exibility to production.

Onboarding Akku Vision in our portfolio of available battery packs gives us the opportunity to approach many new brands with a complete drive system directly compatible with their existing frames. We believe to have many added values both from an industrial and a product point of view. Therefore, we don’t want to introduce yet another standard with all the consequent complexities. Our motors, displays and accessories are fully designed and engineered in use. Production of drive units, warehouse and customer service are located in Italy.

We are expanding our team with reps ad service trainer in each country in Europe. OLI eBike Systems is ready to become the next main European player in drive units manufacturing. The partnership with Akku Vision, and other strategic battery manufacturers, is a key for this ambitious goal", Luca Amilicia – OLI eBike Systems Product Marketing Manager.

A complete System

"With the decision by OLI to cooperate with the german based ebike battery manufacturer Akku Vision, OLI now can provide ebike manufacturers a complete replacement of the Bosch gen x drive systems! Not only the motor but also the InFrame battery of Bosch can be replaced 1:1. So there is no further need to developing new frames! In times of critical supply chains, this helps the ebike manufacturers to be deliverable", says Mr. Daniel Maiberger, CEO – Akku Vision GmbH.

"The battery is 630 Wh, available as horizontal/vertical versions and is completely developed and assembled at our factory in Haibach, Germany. We are offering fl exibility and speed to market as we currently promise deliveries within 6 months from order date. We strongly believe that we can fi ll a big gap due to the current challenging market situation." Says Mr. Kim Madsen, CSO – Akku Vision GmbH.

Available Systems

Akku Vision batteries are compatible with OLI EDGE (compatible to Bosch Gen. 4), OLI SPORT (own bracket) and OLI NEW MOVE (compatible to Bosch Gen. 2 & 3) drive units covering every range of application. The system can be completed choosing between the HIGH-VISION, SIDE-VISION and MATRIX displays.

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Akku Vision and Swobbee Cooperation

Even more batteries, even more possibilities: Swobbee integrates more battery types into its swapping stations

  • Swobbee signs cooperation agreement with German e-bike battery manufacturer Akku Vision.
  • Swobbee consolidates position as central „filling station“ for micromobility

The Berlin GreenTech startup Swobbee has started the 4th quarter with a new cooperation. With Akku Vision, a renowned battery manufacturer from Germany complements Swobbee‘s battery portfolio, which thus grows significantly in compatible battery types. At the Swobbee Sharing Points, batteries from GreenPack, Okai, Torrot and Kumpan can already be exchanged, which are used in numerous e-cargo bikes, e-scooters and e-kickscooters.

Akku Vision with a prominent position in the e-bike market

The Franconia-based manufacturer Akku Vision has already been active in the development and production of high-quality e-bike batteries for the spare parts market since 2011, which are sold under its own brand E-Bike-Vision. Akku Vision produces compatible batteries for drive systems from Bosch, Yamaha, Panasonic and Gazelle. In addition, OEM-specific projects were added to the in-house development and production this year.

"We are very delighted to be working with Swobbee, which has extensive expertise and experience in operating and maintaining sharing points for Micromobility. Together, our goal is to further develop the product portfolio and we expect to expand its multimodal swapping points to new urban locations not only in Germany, but internationally as well." Says Kim Madsen, CSO of Akku Vision GmbH.

Swobbee battery swapping stations increase efficiency and sustainability

Swobbee is the first and only manufacturer-independent battery swap station with an intermodal approach for all types of small electric vehicles. The intelligent Swobbee stations fill the existing charging infrastructure gap in the booming micro-mobility sector. With its innovative Battery-as-a-Service approach, Swobbee helps to operate sharing and logistics fleets in a more efficient, sustainable and cost-optimised way.

"We are very pleased to have won Akku Vision, a leading developer of high-quality battery systems for e-bikes, as a cooperation partner. This again expands Swobbee‘s range of applications, which increases its attractiveness for fleet operators and other users. This is another big step towards our goal of making Swobbee the central filling station for micro-mobility and establishing a dense network of charging and exchange stations in urban areas," explains Tobias Breyer, COO and co-founder of Swobbee.

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Akku Vision launches B2B Shop

As of 23.09 September, Akku Vision has opened their new B2B shop on the www.e-bike-vision.de homepage. The shop is open for dealers in Germany and Austria and with a few clicks availability, prices and ordering of ebike batteries are conveniently at hand for the customer.

"E-commerce is becoming a vital part of our business and now the dealer can access our shop and place their order 24H any day. We hope our customers will welcome this new buying portal and it will add to our continuous sales growth of replacement batteries". Mr. Daniel Maiberger, CEO.

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E-bike Battery specialist Akku Vision GmbH has entered a partnership with UniverCell Holding GmbH, a German cell manufacturer based in Flintbek, North Germany. The companies are developing an OEM battery concept for the e-bike aftermarket

UniverCell is producing electrodes and cells based on lithium-ion technology. Akku Vision will use their 18650 and 21700 cylindrical cells in battery packs for both e-bike aftermarket and for OEM specific eMobility solutions. Akku Vision will start using the cells in production from end of 2022 and ramp up volumes in 2023 and onwards.

CEO of Akku Vision Mr. Daniel Maiberger commented: „The production of cells in Germany is the basis for achieving the predicted growth in electromobility! Through this cooperation with German cell manufacturer UniverCell, Akku Vision has laid the foundation for securing the supply chain for its own products and the products of our OEM customers for years to come!"

Furthermore, Akku Vision is introducing a new tailored business model Bespoke Battery Concept with up to 864 Wh in 36V technology and up to 842 Wh in 48V technology (available within 2022) with 21700 sized cells which aims at OEM customers who seek an European based battery partner.

"We are much more than a supplier, we are a real partner and are 100% dedicated to projects that we take on. We have built up an extensive experience and know-how with developing and assembling high quality e-bike batteries at our facilities in Haibach, Germany. The whole industry is disrupted in their supply chain especially with goods made in Asia and as a result of that, European customers turn more to local supply solutions, so this is where we fit in very well by providing flexibility and On Time delivery. Additionally, we offer a palette of benefits such as extended premium warranty of 36 months, flex financing on development costs and a service network in Europe, North America and Australia to mention some of the benefits", explains Mr. Kim Madsen, CSO.

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Akku Vision and Triathlon Group launch new corporation: TAV Battery GmbH

TAV Battery GmbH is a 49 % subsidiary under Akku Vision GmbH and a 51 % subsidiary under Triathlon Holding GmbH and is focusing on fully automated li-ion battery assembly of OEM and aftermarket products with 18650 and 21700 cells for various segments such as LEV, hobby, pedelecs, leisure and various consumer applications

The main assembly will take place in Haibach, Germany where Akku Vision GmbH has it’s headquarter covering more than 5,000 sqm of production and office space.

"We expect to gain many synergies from this company, to mention joint cell and parts purchasing, expanded R&D capacities and the options for additional assembly locations that Triathlon Group can provide within Germany and USA for even bigger volumes." says Mr. Daniel Maiberger, CEO of Akku Vision GmbH.

"Alliances play a key role in our corporate growth strategy. The strategic cooperation in the company enables us to develop new business potential in the fast-growing consumer segment. The contribution of many years of product know-how and production experience enables us to offer high quality and innovative products. We are looking forward to a great cooperation with Akkuvision GmbH in the future." says Mr. Florian Seitz, CFO of Triathlon Holding.

Die TAV GmbH plant, bis zum Ende des 1. Quartals 2021 voll einsatzfähig zu sein.

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With effect from 28 August 2020, the former E-Bike Vision GmbH will be known as Akku Vision GmbH.

Mr Daniel Maiberger, CEO of Akku Vision GmbH, explains the reasons behind this change: "Akku Vision is a suitable name for our future business, as we are expanding our product portfolio to include other categories such as intralogistics, hobby and leisure, while remaining a supplier of high-quality replacement batteries that are compatible with electric bike drive systems from leading brands."

In preparation for this expansion, Akku Vision moved to its new premises in July, which span more than 5,000 square metres. The following services will accommodated at the new premises: Storage, service, research and development, administration and production. We are proud to announce that our quality management system has received ISO 9001 certification.

The management team was expanded with the appointment of Kim Madsen as Sales and Marketing Manager and Marcel Wilke as Technical Manager, who will lead a new team of hardware and software engineers. Both have many years of experience in their respective disciplines and will ensure that the long-term strategy is correctly implemented.

"I am delighted to have the opportunity to work with such a motivated and enthusiastic team. My job is to expand our aftermarket business which we currently operate in Germany, Switzerland and the Nordic countries with our own sales office and Benelux via our distributor MyMicroGroup B.V. and to manage our international OEM sales. We are seeing increasing demand from OEM customers for battery systems produced in Europe and we know that with our change to Akku Vision cements us as a qualified and competent partner," says Kim Madsen.

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